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let the self-promotion begin:

My work has been a huge hit with my parents so I'm bringing it to the masses. Much of it focuses on the absurd standards and societal pressures placed on women. That said, I love a good fart joke.

"so ambitious" 

- the cashier at Chipotle upon receiving my order

"the voice of her generation"

 - wait, that was about someone else

"a mind like a sponge"

 - my actual 3rd grade report card

Coming soon!

From Pen Pals to Presidents: The Archived Correspondence of Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin. Undisputed evidence of 60 years of collusion.

Thank you to  everyone who came out to see "A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To America." If you missed it, or want to reminisce with the person who sat next to you, check out pictures from the show!

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